(Not really Carly)

Carly David


Carly David comes to PS Group following 15 years in the advertising world, last reporting directly to one of AdWeek’s “Top Execs of the Decade.” A retired consultant, Carly has also worked for Hollywood producers and directors, tech startup founders and cause marketing gurus. She now brings her extensive experience with mainstream marketing and effective business development to PS. Carly oversees marketing & creative services with a focus on strategy, brand building and mascot wrangling.

(Not Really Jessica)

Jessica Moreau


Jessica Moreau is a recent addition to PS Group and also a retired consultant herself. With an educational background in Women and Gender Studies and over 4 years experience consulting across Canada & the U.S, Jessica shares PS’ core values in making the industry a safer, more professional environment for everyone. Ethics, safety and integrity are at the heart of Jessica’s professional background with the last 2 years focusing on providing ethical business/marketing advice to industry entrepreneurs across the globe.

(Actually Rand)

Rand Fullerton


Rand Fullerton has over two decades of experience in design direction and marketing communications. Rand is the award-winning creative director / designer of the Mile High Intimacy Kits—a sensual product sold in-room at top hotels like the Ganesvoort NYC, The Delano Miami and the Thompson Hotel Group. She has also consulted with many adult entertainment brands such as Jenna Jameson, Vivid Entertainment and Candida Royalle as well as celebrity brands like The Notorious B.I.G. ….. um now what…

(Actually Conor)

 Conor Jessop


Conor Jessop, originally from Dublin, Ireland, holds an honours degree in photography and extensive experience in the professional field, spanning twenty years. His work has been exhibited across Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America. He has also published extensively in books and magazines. Conor’s portraiture work favors a candid approach with an editorial style. His primary objective is to put you at ease while effectively capturing your personality and character. “Airbrushing is overrated.”


Darryl Wilson


Darryl has had a long and fruitful digital marketing career working on campaigns for some of the world’s biggest entertainment brands including MTV, Red Bull, Ryan Seacrest and the LA Lakers. A natural storyteller and lover of all things strategy, Darryl is looking forward to helping make our clients’ digital personas as engaging and dynamic as their IRL personas!


Bodie O'Doh


Not that long ago, somewhere in the mountains of a foreign land, a tiny Bodie escaped death (for the first time) by being rescued from the back of an abandoned pickup truck and quickly became an essential member of the PS Group family. He narrowly missed death a second time when Parvo tried to claim him but was no match for the little fighter. Bodie has earned his mascot status and serves as our daily inspiration.